It’s no secret that the way the modern workforce operates has evolved massively in just the last few years. Technology is become integral to more and more roles, not just the usual office based position but, with the growth in the use of mobiles and tablets in businesses, anyone should expect to use a digital tool to carry out some function of their job.

The use of apps within business is also growing, with over 60% of employees using apps as part of their working practices. Almost 9 out of 10 app users say that corporate apps have changed how they behave.  The productivity and business categories of the commercial app stores contain a huge range of tools that could benefit your business in some way.

We think there’s an easier way to manage and distribute apps to your business. Here are the top 5 reasons we think your business could benefit from an enterprise app store:

1. Simplify new staff onboarding – making app distribution effortless

Depending on their actual role, new staff can be expected to download a wide range of apps to their mobile devices, not just to carry out their day to day jobs, but also to become a fully integrated part of the company. From employee engagement and expense submission apps, to sales CRM and accounting apps, the typical organisation can have a huge range of apps in their ecosystem.

Research from Symantec in 2017 suggested that the average number of apps used by enterprises is an astonishing 928! That’s a huge amount and creates a real headache for IT departments. Being able to provide new employees with a single app store to download all the apps they need, approved by the business, would make everyone’s lives easier.

Having multiple app stores for different roles within the business could make it even easier. For example, not everyone needs access to the sales CRM tool or the marketing automation platform – having a dedicate app store for the Sales & Marketing team would make sense!

2. Easier way to distribute in house apps

Enterprises don’t just use apps available through the standard stores. More and more businesses are having apps developed to suit their specific requirements, either in-house or by specialised app development companies (like our sister company, Dogfish Mobile).

According to Fliplet, on average, a business will have 10 such apps. The approval process on the commercial app stores can be extremely time-consuming – using an enterprise distribution platform allows companies to avoid unnecessary delays.

3. Everyone has access to the most up to date app

This one should be pretty self-explanatory. A single source of apps approved by the business for use on devices used for work purposes means employees have access to the most secure and stable versions of the apps at any given time.

4. Highlight approved apps

As we said earlier, the business categories of the app stores have thousands of options and there’s obviously an overlap in functionality. Searching for an app for ‘file storage’ for example brings up hundreds, if not thousands, of results. Promoting a single file storage app across the business would streamline collaboration and support.

5. Promote your own corporate identity and branding

Many enterprise app stores, including YourAppBox, are available with branding options. You can upload, manage and distribute your apps from a portal that includes your logo and corporate colours. This give your users a seamless experience and reinforces your corporate identity.

There are many other reasons that your business could benefit from an enterprise app store. If you’d like to discuss your specific requirement, please get in touch at